Full Paper Presentation Instructions

The presentations will be pre-recorded videos of maximum 10 minutes for full papers and should include such content as the problem, the background, the innovative approach, the new results and any comparative evaluation that the author wishes to present. An additional 3-4 minutes are available straight after the presentation for a live Q&A/discussion with the attendees.

Each session will be managed by a technician, as well as a moderator who will introduce you and your paper and manage the live Q&A. The moderator will also time the presentations (if presented live) and the live Q&As to keep the session moving forward on time. Please cooperate with them. Full Paper moderator instructions can be found here.

All presenters are required to upload a 10 minute (or less) video presenting their work. This video will be shown during their session as their presentation. If, by any chance, a presenter wishes to present live, the PowerPoint slides should be uploaded together with the pre-recorded video. For those planning to present live, the videos will be used if there are connection issues during the live session. These videos will also be made available to conference attendees who cannot attend a session live. Live sessions will not be recorded. While we are giving each author the opportunity to present live, we strongly encourage you to show your video to avoid technical issues.



Please upload a video according to the following instructions:

  • Please record your presentation and upload a video file (edited and complete) to the Dropbox-account you will be invited to in a separate e-mail by Oct. 9 at the latest. If you chose to present live, your slides will be due at this time as well.
  • It is important that you name your file in the same way it is presented in the program.
  • If you want to include PowerPoint slides or similar in the video, make sure that’s either embedded or present them on a screen standing next to it.
  • The video should be recorded in landscape-format (16:9) and rendered in .mp4 or .mov in 720p resolution with 4000 kbps.
  • If available, use an external microphone and make sure that there’s no bright lights from windows or lights behind you. If possible, face lights from behind the camera towards you.


Please follow these guidelines when preparing your slides:

  • Slides in Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf) are also acceptable but not preferred
  • The presenter should prepare a reasonable number of PowerPoint slides, so as not to exceed the 10 minute time (typically, 1 slide is presented in 1 minute)
  • Additional slides could be prepared as backup slides to support possible answers to attendees’ questions.
  • Slides should not be overcrowded by text and graphics.
  • Too much text should be avoided. Slides should support the presentation, they should not be simply read by the presenter
  • Use large fonts so as they are readable without efforts: typically 20 point fonts should be used
  • Presentations should be clearly structured and should contain the essential elements of the accepted formal paper

For presenters who choose to present live, slides need to be uploaded by Oct. 9 as well.



For a paper to be considered presented, the video must be shown or a live presentation must be given along with an author being present to answer the live questions following the presentation.

In addition to the paper presentations, there will be live Thematic Discussions where papers related to similar topics from multiple sessions will be grouped together for further discussion and exploration. Authors are encouraged to attend these live sessions to engage in additional dialog around the topic. Discussion facilitators will be present, and authors’ expertise will be extremely helpful during the conversations. Given the online format of the conference, these live sessions will allow for additional engagement and connections. We hope you will join us for these dynamic sessions!




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