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Pre-conference workshops

Pre-Conference workshop registration is now open!


Two workshops are being offered on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Workshop registration is restricted to conference attendees; therefore, to sign up for the workshops, check your email for the registration link or contact Workshops with limited space are filled on a first come, first served basis. Login information for the pre-conference workshops will be sent via e-mail to registrants.


Workshop 1: Democratizing Engineering Education Through Contemplative and Mindfulness Practices, 15:00-19:00 CET/8am – Noon CDT

Lead Facilitator: Yevgeniya V. Zastavker, Olin College

Abstract Excerpt: “In this workshop, we will leverage a number of contemplative practices, including examples of sensory meditation and visualization, deep listening, beholding, contemplative movement, and critical reflection to co-create a sense of what a STEM classroom might look and feel like when constructed and embodied ways of knowing are engaged in creating an environment that shifts learners’ perception of what is known, how it is known, by whom, and with what tools.”

Available attendee slots: 20


Workshop 2: NSF Engineering Education Funding: Tips for Appropriate Program Selection & Competitive Proposal Preparation, 21:00-01:00 CET/2 pm – 6pm CDT

Lead Facilitator: Abiodun Ilumoka, National Science Foundation

Abstract Excerpt: “The goal of this workshop is to provide guidance to participants on engineering education funding opportunities at NSF as well as to provide hints for the preparation of competitive proposals. This will be accomplished through a combination of engaging activities including (i) interactive and dynamic mini-presentations by NSF program directors; (ii) a lively mock proposal review session in which participants work in small groups on a real NSF proposal previously emailed to registrants; (iii) an interactive question and answer session in which participants have the opportunity to cross-examine a panel of current NSF grantees and (iv) candid conversations with NSF program directors.”

Available attendee slots: unlimited




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