Revise and Resubmit

Please follow these instructions for submitting your paper if your manuscript review is Accepted with RevisionsYou must: 1) meet the June 1, 2020 deadline and 2) you must submit a Comments Addressed document along with a new draft of your paper that addresses reviewers’ concerns.

  1. If your paper was accepted with no revisions, please go to the Final Manuscript Submission Instructions page for instructions on submitting your Final Manuscript…otherwise, follow below.
  2. You need to submit two (2) documents: 1) your final manuscript in Double-blinded Format and 2) a document summarizing the Comments Addressed.
  3. Be sure that you read all Reviewer comments, and when applicable, the Technical Program Chair suggestions.
  4. Cut and paste each of these suggestions into a new document entitled Comments Addressed.
  5. Edit your manuscript addressing each of the suggestions from each Reviewer and the Technical Program Chair.
  6. Edit your Comments Addressed document by summarizing how you addressed each Reviewer and Technical Program Chair suggestion.
  7. Due June 1, 2020: Upload your Comments Addressed document in the paper system along with your new Double-blinded but fully formatted draft.
  8. The Technical Program Chair assigned to your paper along with the original reviews will review your new draft and the Comments Addressed document.
  9. If accepted after reviews, you will be asked to prepare your final version of the manuscript. Follow the instruction step 1 on this page.


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