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About Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is a vibrant cultural centre and multipurpose venue, situated in the middle of a rapidly growing city that is home to flourishing creativity, culture, research and entrepreneurship.

Since its opening in 2007, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress has established itself as one of the most talked about, appreciated and successful venues in the Nordic region.  Several types of arrangement can be managed in the building at the same time as our versatile and flexible venue supports diversity, importance and high quality. Since opening its doors in September 2007, UKK has hosted more than 2,000 cultural events, arranged more then 5,000 meetings and welcomed around five million visitors!


Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Vaksala Torg 1

Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall is located in the city centre, next to the Central station. Opened in 2007, “UKK” is one of the more modern establishments in Uppsala, and well suited for both cultural and scientific events.



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