Using ZOOM to Present and Record Your Presentations

What you will need:

  • A MS PowerPoint Presentation or whatever document you will present
  • A computer
  • An audio-visual capture device (Camera, Microphone, and Speaker)
  • Internet connection
  1. Log into ZOOM at
  2. Schedule a Meeting by clicking on “Meetings” on the left side menu. You may also see Schedule a Meeting on top menu, either way, click on “Schedule a Meeting”
  3. This will bring up the Schedule a Meeting dialog window where you fill out:
  4. Topic,
    1. description,
    2. when,
    3. duration (estimate fine, does not kick you out)
    4. time zone
    5. Recurring meeting (Keep unchecked)
    6. Registration required (Keep unchecked)
    7. Meeting ID (Choose “Generate Automatically”)
    8. Meeting Password (Uncheck “Require meeting password”)
    9. Video (Host – Choose “On”) and (Participants – Choose “Off”)
    10. Audio (Choose “both”)
    11. Meeting options
      • Click on “Enable join before host”
      • Leave rest unchecked
  5.  Click Save
  6. You can add to calendar if you want to “Start this Meeting” (Click on link in calendar or “Start This Meeting”)
  7. To start from your account, log in
  8. On the left side, make sure to click on “Meetings”
  9. Click on the “Start” icon on right side of whatever meeting you just created
  10. On the “Open Zoom Meetings?” dialog window
    • Click on “Open Zoom Meetings”
    • This will open a panel and then a dialog window.
  11. At the “Choose ONE of the audio conference options” dialog window.
    • Click on the “Computer Audio” tab
    • Choose “Test Speaker and Microphone”
    • Test Speaker
    • Test Microphone
    • Choose “Join with Computer Audio”
  12. Move your cursor on the screen and turn on your microphone and video camera if they are not on
    • There are Microphone and video camera icons on the bottom left of the window
  13. On the top right, click on the “Enter Full Screen” mode
  14. Move your curser on screen and on the bottom middle of the screen, click on the “Share Screen”.
    1. This opens a “Select a Window or an Application that you want to share” dialog window
      1. Select the screen that shows PowerPoint or other presentation file.
      2. Click “Share”
    2. This causes your video to be in a smaller panel and you see your full screen
  15. Open your presentation materials and start the presentation.
  16. Move your mouse curser over the “ID: XXX.XXX” part of the “ID:XXX.XXX/Stop Share” icon to pull up the menu bar
    1. Move mouse curser over the “More” icon and select one of two options
      • Record on this Computer (We recommend this)
      • Record on Cloud
    2. You are now recording
    3. If you click on the presentation you can advance slides
    4. Start talking
  17. When you talk is finished or you want to pause, Click on the “ID: XXX.XXX” part of the “ID:XXX.XXX/Stop Share” icon to pull up the menu bar
    1. Move mouse curser over the “More” icon and select one of two options
      1. Pause Recording
      2. Stop Recording
    2. If you have selected “Record to Computer”, your recording downloads after you exit meeting. If you have selected “Record to Cloud”, you will receive an email from Zoom when the recording is ready, and instructions on how to access the recording.
  18. Click on the “Stop Share” part of the “ID:XXX/Stop Share” and click on “Stop Share”
  19. Move mouse curser which initiates the bottom menu and select “End Meeting”
    1. This brings up the “End Meeting or Leave Meeting?” dialog window
      • Select “End Meeting for All”
  20. If you had selected “Record to Computer”, this initiates a “Zoom Converting the meeting” dialog window
    1. Wait for your recording to be converted
    2. This will open a ZOOM folder in your Documents
      • Make sure rename the file as in the presentation instructions.
  21. If you had selected “Record to Cloud”, download the video from the link in the email sent to you from Zoom, and rename the file as in the presentation instructions.
  22. Upload the file to the appropriate FIE Dropbox Folder (you will receive a link in a separate e-mail).





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