[If you have not yet volunteered and would like to, please fill out the FIE 2020 – Session Moderator form.]

FIE uses a non-traditional format for WIP papers. Authors will be able to take advantage of the format to gather feedback and ideas for their current projects. In order for these sessions to be successful, moderators need to play a key role in managing the session.


The session will have 2 distinct components.

PART 1: 5-minute Presentations by Presenters

Presenters will have 5 minutes total to introduce themselves and overview their work using a video (no WIPs will be presented live). See the authors presentation instructions here. During the pre-recorded 5-minute presentation, there are no questions or answers (Q&As). All Q&A will be during the discussion. As the moderator, your job is to make sure you: limit the presenter’s presentation to no longer than 5 minutes.

PART 2: Discussion

Presenters and attendees will participate in a live Q&A session and an open dialog.


Before your session:

  • Revise the Hopin platform training video and attend a training session if you would like additional practice.
  • Reach out to each corresponding author in your session at least a week before the conference.
    • Introduce yourself and confirm the presenter’s name and institution.
    • Find out how each author plans to present. See the WIP author presentation information available The technical staff member assigned to the session will assist as needed.
  • Know if there are any cancellations. Please refer to the conference platform schedule to see the current listing of papers in your session.
  • Watch each author’s video and prepare a set of questions for the discussion which will occur after all papers are presented. Please note, there is no Q&A following the individual paper presentations. There is only a live discussion at the end of the session which questions can be asked. We also recommend reading each paper, if you have time.

During your session:

  • Be in your technical session virtual room at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. This will allow time to meet the speakers, collect their bios for introductions if you haven’t done so already, discuss session procedures, and confirm presentation modes with the technical support staff.
  • Introduce the session briefly (<1 min) and make any FIE announcements that are needed.
  • Briefly introduce each speaker and paper.
  • Manage time during the session — hold each presentation to its time limit.
  • Manage audience questions and the discussion. Ensure that presentations occur within their predefined time slots and in order.

Other Notes and Suggestions:

  • Work directly with the assigned technical support staff if there are technical problems.
  • Be prepared to help speakers manage the discussion period following each presentation. Keep track of the available time and ensure all speakers get to engage in the live discussion. You may need to remind speakers to repeat the question, so everyone can hear it, or even to ask the first question or two if the audience is not very responsive. You will also need to monitor the chat for questions during the discussion.
  • In the event of a no-show or cancellation, condense the presentations today and use the extra time for an extended live discussion.