FIE uses a non-traditional format for WIP papers. Authors will be able to take advantage of the format to gather feedback and ideas for their current projects. Presenters will engage in 2 distinct components.

PART 1: 5-minute ‘Pitch’ Presentation

Presenters will have 5 minutes to introduce themselves and overview their work. Be sure to include questions or ideas in your presentation that might entice people to meet with you during the engagement session. During the 5-minute presentation there are NO questions or answers (Q&As) from the audience. All Q&A will happen during the engagement session. If a presentation is longer than 5 minutes, the moderator will stop the presenter to ensure ample time for the engagement session. Presentations shorter than 5 minutes are strongly encouraged.

PART 2: Engagement Poster Session
Presenters will engage with session attendees in breakout groups. Authors are encouraged to create e-posters for this portion but are not required to do so. Authors may also bring handouts. During this portion, attendees may ask questions of the presenter and the presenters may ask questions of the attendees to further their work. Presenters wishing to create e-posters should follow the following directions:

  • All E-Posters should be prepared in English
  • Layout: Portrait (vertical orientation)
  • Poster Size:
    • Pixels: Recommended size (format W x H) is 2160 x 3840 px
    • In cm: 62.26 width and 110.69 height (this can be used to setup PowerPoint)
    • Format: 9:16
    • DPI 300 pixels/inch
  • File Size: Recommended file size is 3MB or less.
  • File Format: PDF (.pdf)
  • Media: Images/photos, graphs and tables can be included in the e-poster.
  • Multimedia: Videos can NOT be included in the e-poster.

While e-posters can follow traditional format styles (e.g., text with graphics and some figures, etc.), we encourage you to be creative and try new formats as well (e.g., all photos, one main figure, etc.). You can find templates and details about uploading e-posters here. All e-posters will be displayed during your WIP session but will also be displayed in a scrolling manner during other parts of the conference. E-posters will allow you to share your work with a wider audience that just those in your session. We encourage you to take advantage of this format which we believe is at the frontiers of education!

E-posters will be uploaded into the paper submission. They must be uploaded by September 30, 2020. If they are not uploaded by this date, they may not be available for your presentation.


The Part 1 and Part 2 format will occur twice per session (i.e., half the presenters will present then engage and then the second half of the presenters will present then engage). The WIP sessions will have 10 or less presenters in each session.

We understand that 5 minutes will not provide sufficient time to present all the details of the work. Instead, we encourage you to focus on aspects of your work’s progress and findings to date that will spark further conversation in the engagement session. It is recommended that you NOT attempt to include your entire e-poster. You SHOULD put enough information on the slides to make people want to come talk to you during the engagement session.


Due to the unique format of this session, we are seeking dynamic moderators who are willing to engage with the presenters and attendees encouraging dialog and discussion. Moderators will be required to attend a short WIP moderator training session during the conference prior to their session to review the format, set expectations, and learn from experienced WIP moderators about best practices for these unique sessions. If you are interested in moderating, please contact Rachel Kajfez (